Ireland’s First Parklet!

I just completed the installation of Ireland’s first ever Parklet! It made its debut at PARK(ing) Day Dublin 2012.

A “Parklet” is a mini park that replaces an on street car parking space with a vibrant, usable public park. They are either seasonal or permanent and are typically located outside of cafes or restaurants.  They act as spill out spaces or outdoor seating when footpath space is limited and they really help to animate the streetscape.

The project was done in partnership with the Black Sheep Pub ( on Capel St. with permission from Dublin City Council as part of their DCC Beta ( initiatives. Being a DCC Beta project, it is only temporary, and will only be around for two weeks, so don’t miss it! It will serve as a test to see how successful spaces like these can be in Dublin. Hopefully there will be more to come!