The Dublin Project

Over the course of the year (September 2012 to September 2013) I will be undertaking a research project that will look at the impact that urban streetscape configuration and form have on people and the ability of the citizen to alter and engage with the built environment. The research is part of The Dublin Project, a Masters in Design Practice from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

Together with Emmet Wafer (also a part of The Dublin Project) I will be posting updates on the project and commentary on a range of ideas throughout the year on The Dublin Project blog ( A series of new posts have been made including mine discussing the role that modern day buildings and the professionalised building process has on decreasing human comfort and sense of belonging in the urban streetscape.

The Dublin Project is an initiative by DIT, Dublin City Council (DCC) and Design TwentyFirst Century (D21C) to make a positive change in the City of Dublin by bringing their resources and expertise together to solve challenging problems facing DublinCity. The project will prototype new models for solving important issues challenging 21st century cities.

The Dublin Project Masters programme will run for a four-year cycle focusing on different issues each year. In the founding year the Dublin Project partners will join with the Institute without Boundaries (IwB) from Toronto, Canada and produce a shared project with joint outcomes. IwB came to Dublin as part of their City Systems Project in October 2012 and IwB staff and students worked on the same problem as the Dublin Project Partners. This will culminate in a joint exhibition in the summer of 2013.