IMG_0794David Andrews is a Landscape Architect who has been living in Ireland with his family for over 6 years. Originally from the US, he has worked in Landscape Architecture since 2002 in Massachusetts, California, and Ireland.

He currently works for himself undertaking private garden designs and commercial projects and also lectures and tutors in the Landscape Architecture Department at University College Dublin. Additionally, he runs a range of landscape design and gardening workshops for community groups and organisations and runs and teaches the Garden Design Workshop series.

Our outdoor spaces, be them public or private, truly shape how we perceive our environments. They are often not given the same consideration as our buildings and homes, yet they impact us equally. Through my workshops, I aim to provide people and communities with the necessary tools to revitalise the spaces around them and assist them in turning their ideas into a reality. I engage directly with each individual or group to include them in the design process. Participatory Design workshops can also be arranged for any project type to give the site users the power to design the spaces around them.

My landscape architecture services for homeowners, commercial clients, community groups, and public bodies include everything from private design consultations to full design packages and construction over-site (e.g conceptual design proposals, preparation of planning applications, tender drawings, construction documentation, and on-site coordination with contractors).

I run landscape design, horticulture, and gardening workshops for community groups looking to up-skill their members and improve community/youth interaction through collaborative projects, typically relating to community gardens and spaces. I also run The Garden Design Workshop series for home owners who are looking to design their own gardens.

I also help to facilitate communities and regeneration groups to realise their ideas regarding new ways to use existing or derelict spaces by running community idea workshops, collaborative design workshops, and community building workshops.

I seek to incorporate sustainable design principles wherever possible, have a passion for the environment, and am interested in temporary urban landscapes and community gardens.